Serving Chula Vista


As a lifelong Chula Vista resident, it would be an honor to be given the opportunity to serve and give back to the city that has provided a home for my family, friends, and business.

My priority is to make certain that the transformation of Chula Vista is in alignment with our community values. This yearning to ensure that the city of Chula Vista continues to serve our citizens is a vital part of why I decided to run.


Chula Vista has been David’s hometown his entire life. He was raised in a Christian household, where family values and community were a vital part of his daily life. David’s father instilled that community service and charity are an essential part of being in a community. 

As a child, David attended Valley Vista Elementary, where he became part of the “Safety and Peace Patrol”, helping students resolve issues in a constructive manner. Additionally, as a young adult, David participated in many community service activities through his youth group, from helping elderly community members with daily tasks and food distribution, to clean ups throughout San Diego County.

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